Back Pain Healing & Prevention: Lifting Properly

Serving from two locations in Louisville, Exacta Care’s chiropractic and physical therapy experts specialize in addressing and healing back pain after an auto accident as well as treating on-the-job injuries. If you are experiencing on-the-job back pain or stress of any sort, please contact us now so that we can use our integrated approach to prevent further damage and get you back to thriving at your work as quickly as possible.

A few examples of the back pain one might experience from demanding work tasks:

Louisville Back Pain - Disc Injury

  • Muscle Strain – This pain involves tiny tears in the muscle and often comes from stress on lower back muscles.
  • Disc InjuryIntervertebral discs act as ball bearings and cushions between vertebrae in the spine. They are comprised of fibrous rings that can bulge and even break, open, or rupture (This will cause pain that could radiate down into the buttocks and/or the leg).
  • Joint Injury – There are several joints where the bones meet in the back. They are normally capable of handling stresses of lifting but improper techniques with even the lightest objects can irritate the joints and cause them to become locked.


As your Louisville back doctor, we have the treatment in place to help you recover from these painful inconveniences. But once you walk out our doors, you’ll still need to stay on top of keeping yourself strong and healthy.

The National Safety Council notes that manual handling of objects accounts for an estimated 25% of all occupational injuries.

Keep these tips in mind when lifting is a part of your work.

Louisville Back Pain Doctor - how to lift properly

  1.  You’ve probably been advised to “bend your knees, not your back” more times than you can count. Well, there’s much more to it actually. As you bend down, be sure to keep your chest forward. If you have to bend forward make sure you do so at your hips and not your lower back, while pushing your chest out. This encourages a straight back.
  2.  If you have to change directions, Always lead with your hips and not with your shoulders.
  3.  Get a firm grasp before you begin to lift
  4.  Keep the object close to your body. The further a weight is from the center of one’s gravity, the more force is required to    hold it up.
  5.  Raise up slowly and don’t twist!
Consider alternative lifting positions
Golfer’s Lift

…best when lifting out of a bin or picking up small objects off the floor…

Louisville Back Pain Doctor - Golfer's Lift

When employing the golfer’s lift, the knees will not bend. One leg will be allowed to come off the floor behind the lifter as a counter balance. Then the opposite hip bends while the body becomes almost parallel to the floor except for the leg bearing the lifter’s weight. One arm then reaches to pick up the object while the other hangs on a stationary object for support.


…best for picking up an awkward object…

The lifter will kneel on one knee behind the object then lift it on to the bended knee. Then either straighten out the back knee or push with the front knee to propel backward.

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