Drive Safely this Derby Season

Our town is about to celebrate its most famous and festive event – the Kentucky Derby!

While our business is built on helping you recover after an accident, we would much rather not have to see you at all. We would rather you stay safe and healthy and happy in all of your travels and celebrations.

So in hopes that we can contribute to that goal, here are some basic tips that are good to be reminded of when entering high-traffic situations. Keep these in mind every time you start your car, but especially so as we enter the season of carefree festivities and crowded streets.

  • Put 100% of your FOCUSED ATTENTION on driving alone. No multi-tasking and certainly no using your phone.
  • Practice DEFENSIVE DRIVING: Stay AWARE of what other drivers are doing. EXPECT the unexpected. ASSUME that others might do something crazy and be prepared for it!
  • Keep a 2-SECOND CUSHION between you and the car in front of you, 4 seconds in bad weather
  • Have any items you might need within easy reach including toll or parking fees, garage passes, etc…
  • Take it SLOW. Speed gives you less time to react and can increase the severity of an accident.
  • Wear your seatbelt and most importantly – DRIVE SOBER!

And of course, if all else fails and you find yourself on the other side of a collision, contact us immediately so that we can get you right on the road to recovery.

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